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Divine Truth

One day a Facebook acquaintance posted a video by AJ Miller a man who was presenting himself as the reincarnation of Jesus. I was open enough to listen and what I heard felt like the truth. Since I was being asked for nothing, and since have been asked for nothing, it made sense to listen.  I kept watching videos and more and more of my questions were being answered. The truth is AJ was saying what I had believed all along.  That God was a loving parent that did not create a world where virtually all of Her children would go to hell for eternity.  That all would have an opportunity to grow in love and enter the celestial heavens no matter how long they chose to take.

I have spent twelve days with AJ, Mary and Cornelius and have watched hundreds of hours of teachings and have sought to prove the Divine Truth teachings in my life.  AJ and Mary give everything they have for free.

The classes we have gone to have been priceless and they were absolutely free.
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