The Condition of Being
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What is God to me?

God is a loving parent, not just energy or the universe, who loves Her* children equally in a way that is beyond our comprehension and imagination.  

God created a way for all Her children to grow in love and enter the celestial heavens no matter how long each chose to take.

At a very young age perhaps as early as I can remember I felt that the God that was being presented to me was not true. When I was in my early teens I had an experience of receiving Divine Love, love directly from God, the rebirth that Jesus spoke of. This changed my soul and no matter what I did in my life there was always this underlying pull to grow in love. I felt in my heart that God did not kill people, that God did not call upon some of his children to kill or harm others in any way. I felt that God did not demand sacrifice from his children, that no one could die for our sins. That meant the bible was not the word of God. As I grew I learned the history of the bible and was even more confident that it did not depict the truth of the God that I felt in my heart, that touched me with love.

I spent my life discovering greater and greater truths revealing that God created a universe with infinite possibilities and infinite time to explore.  I spent time in Christianity, Buddhism, Children of God, Emissaries of Divine Light to Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Every time I grew in understanding realizing that each path was leading to the same goal. I think many people are exactly where I was at.

I have experienced that God is the parent of my soul and I, my soul, was created in the image and likeness of God. To know God I must begin by learning about my soul and then I can create a personal relationship with my parent and learn directly from my parent who is waiting to teach me if I will but desire Her* love. God is a loving God who loves Her children equally in a way that is beyond our imagination. God created a universe with infinite possibilities of expression and gave man the free will to explore it in the manner they decided.  

The universe is set up with laws that are absolute and equal for every single person whether mortal or in spirit body. All pain and suffering is the result of man breaking these laws. A man thinks he gets away with cheating on his wife, or lying to his neighbor or pandering to his mother but won't jump off a 100 story building not realizing the results will be governed by the same laws. And the consequence will be just as absolute.

Learning these laws and the nature of God is what the Divine Love Path is all about. What we are seeking is the experience of receiving love directly from God. When this happens there is no other desire on earth that is so compelling.

​*It is very hard to talk about the attributes of God in gender terms as God is an entity with both male and female characteristics. Historically God has been depicted as a male only due to the gender bias that has existed in our world. In my writing and speaking I tend to use Her when referring to female attributes and Him when discussing male attributes.
Sy and Selina Mytting

All our work  is done on a donation basis.

​We offer two forms of personal assistance.  


Selina is a certified live blood analyst and has made a profound difference in the physical health of her clients.  We feel that aging is not about a loss of health and vitality but about growing in strength and wisdom.  She operates a business called The Divine Health Center at:

Visit her website for more details.  


From our experience we know that all pain and suffering whether in physical or emotional health is the result of error in the person's belief, attitudes and understandings.  Once this is accepted it becomes logical to change what is being attracted.  The root cause of all pain and suffering in a person's life results from error contained in the soul.

Again from our experience we know that all healing is best accomplished by healing emotional (soul) injuries that continuously bring to us the truth of our soul condition.  If you have error in the soul you will manifest error in your life.  Error being unloving conditions.

This is often a confronting approach to people but we would be delighted to talk to you about what we do and how you might benefit.