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When I was a little boy I began to question what I was being told about God.  Much of what I was being told made no sense and was not congruent with what i felt a loving parent would be and do.  It made no sense that a parent would create a scenario where a person could die and be punished in torment for eternity.  What parent would create the circumstances of their children's lives and then kill them all for not being obedient.  These questions led me on the journey to begin to feel and know that God loves us, is both male and female, is our parents and designed a universe for us to play in that will never cease to amaze us with our potential to love and create.
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Sy Mytting

Sy's Blog

Become the Power of Love

by Syvert Mytting on 07/19/19

Since history we have believed in the power of evil. Humanity has believed in force and unloving persuasion as the means to achieve what we want, the things that will meet our addictions. Yet, love runs the universe. Can you see the possible conflict that might create pain, suffering and lack for all. Yes even the very rich suffer from lack driving them to more and more egregious acts. Even the so called loving churches grind out more and more evil in the name of god, festering the most egregious act, pedophilia. Abers try to align themselves with what they believe is good, but it is pure evil, trying to manipulate love into their desires. Everywhere evil is pervasive, blatant, systemic and so destructive to the good of man. How do we exhibit the power of love to show man a better way. Jesus did this. He became the power of love. Instead of following his example he was turned into God, worshipped and praised, all against all of his personal teachings. Live like Jesus did. Love like Jesus did. And become the power of love.

The Divine Love Plan

by Syvert Mytting on 07/19/19

The Divine Love Plan!!!

Are you really ready? God has created a program to alter the code of the soul. This does not alter the free will of man but alters the basis upon which free will be exercised.
The human soul, the emotional body, is created like the hard drive in a computer. It contains code in a similar way to the human physical genome. At conception the soul is created like the spirit body and the physical body. It is brand new created in the image and likeness of God. It has an operating system just like the DOS, disk operating system, on the hard drive of your computer.
The operating system for each human is unique and like the DOS it is programmed to receive various programs in various ways. The first thing it does is begin to download it's emotional, spiritual and physical environment. Then it sends out messages to the physical body and the spirit body that causes the bodies to match the environment into which they will be born. Sometimes the emotional, spiritual and physical environment are broken and the program causes malfunction in the forming bodies.
What a brilliant plan God put into place to insure the best chance of survival for each human soul. Over time the program got more and more corrupted by the virus of the human condition. Emotions like indifference, greed, anger, fear were downloaded by the soul during gestation and eventually the whole world was diseased with the human condition.
Through the application of the existing laws created by God for man various messengers have developed and reminded man of the possibility of having a different world. Each messenger was greeted with joy and celebration but due to the preexisting corruption of the soul program the messages were lost and often the messenger was killed by the very program the messenger came to fix.
God had one more law that no one knew about, the Law of Redemption, the law of Divine Love. This law provided for man, no matter his condition, to cry out from the soul, not the mind, but from the soul, the emotional body, to receive directly from God love that contained new code to transmute man from being a human being to a Divine Being.
The new code acts like a line of code in the computer it begins to rewrite or override existing human code. As the new code begins to rewrite old broken code the emotions attached to that old code flow through the perceptions of the individual. Anger, fear, mostly grief flow through the individual releasing the emotional characteristics of the old code and a Divine Being begins to appear in outward expression.
This process, written into the DNA of the universe, is the only way that we can be saved from destroying ourselves. Look around you. Are things getting better? In a world so abundant billions, yes that's a "b", are in pain and agony. The US at 4.7% of the population, the most abundant country in the world, consumes 87% of the worlds Psychoactive drugs. The life expectancy of an American has declined for the last three years. Our children cannot stand the pressure and drop out or committ suicide. Countries are being bombed and humans suffering immeasurable pain. The earth is dying. Do you understand that? The earth is dying. We cannot live here on a dead planet. Are you ready to do something about it?
At some point you have to accept that whatever we think God is, whatever we believe is going to save us, unless it is implemented at the soul code level it is doomed to fail.
This is why we at Isness wish to share with you the very very good news that Divine Love completely bypasses all of your current beliefs and directly changes the code that is energizing your life.
We are so grateful if you made it to here it gives us hope that this world can be pulled back from the precipice and reflect the love that is in God for all.
May God bless you with Divine Love.


by Syvert Mytting on 03/06/19

I'm going to take on a big one here so please read it all and try to understand how complex some of our social programming is. I watched Beyond Neverland. The documentary on Michael Jackson's abuse of two boys.  I compared their story to the one children are told about Jesus dying for their sin. I watched how the boys were groomed before they even knew Michael Jackson by the love and adoration poured onto MJ. This same event takes place in churches every day with regards to the Jesus crucifixion. They lied under oath because their commitment to Michael was greater than their commitment to truth. They endured hours being cross examined as children and young men never questioning their motives to sustain their illusion vs. truth. I woke up last night thinking about the crucifixion. Young children almost from birth are told, "Jesus died for your sins." The child is too young to use rational thinking and analyze how that could be true and how that would work or why God would kill himself to reconcile his children to himself. They don't think that this all loving God is acting in a way that no parent would act. They just accept. Generations of people have built their lives on this teaching that I would defend is a lie. The two young men in MJ's case could not reconcile his abuse because it destroyed the structure of their whole lives. I believe the world's culture is in exactly the same place. Then the child is told that this person, Jesus, that died for them loves them beyond measure and that they, the parents and congregation, love Jesus by the same measure. Imagine when the child begins to construct a new reality away from this belief of Jesus providing the ultimate sacrifice and God demanding the ultimate sacrifice, and tries to construct a reality based on truth and logic. This abuse, and I'm going to call it that, is one of the most accepted and destructive lies that has ever been perpetrated on mankind. It is the root of our civilization. The two most destructive stories ever told was the story of Adam and Eve and the story of the life of Jesus. Jesus by the age of thirty became "at one" with God. This was not a birth right but a position earned through the process of receiving God's love. A process open to every single human being on earth. God's love is not dependent on anything but a repentant heart desiring to receive God's love. This Divine Love begins to transmute the soul exactly as it did the soul of the man Jesus. We have been stuck in a lie for 2,000 years, creating untold death, destruction and pain. When we wake up and realize that teaching children about Jesus dying for their sin is abuse only then can we shed this dark pain of such a great lie.  It would destroy the foundation of our lives.

Adam Talks About the Real Story of Himself and Eve

by Syvert Mytting on 02/22/19

’m feeling inspired this morning about you and how much I love you and desire to share with you some truths about God’s relationship with his children. I am Adam, Eve is here as well. I have been sharing some truths with your brother Sy over these last couple of years and feel he is now able to channel my message accurately. In the Bible Eve and I are depicted as the first of Gods children and the beginning of all sin, pain and suffering that has come to the earth. God’s punishment. First let me say that God did not punish us or our children. God rejoiced when we began to exercise our free will and share with God the joy of self awareness. So in this the Bible is not accurate. The biblical story also sets up the degradation of the female aspect of God. Eve was created in the image of the female aspect of God and revealed Gods most beautiful characteristics that are seen as female. With the stroke of her hand she created many of the earths most beautiful creatures and plants. We were the first soulmates so you can imagine how much it hurts me to see the treatment of the female as a result of this story. One of my desires is to restore the female to the glory that God created. One cannot truly understand God until this is restored in the heart. God is both male and female. God created male and female. Man the the power of God and woman the sensitivity of God. This one understanding is more than a book so we will develop it later.
God did not abandon or hide from us. For a time we felt fear and shame from time to time as we explored our free will but God, male and female, was patient and we lived with God developing our creative understanding and the loving exercise of our free will.
God is all forgiving. Our hearts were always in this relationship of repentance and forgiveness with regards to our exercise of free will and its affect on our relationship with God.
God is always forgiving in the presence of a repentant heart and I encourage all to learn how to pray, communicate with God, as Sy described in his previous post.
I have much more to say. What you have here is enough many months of work. Feeling God’s female. Knowing God as male and female. Feeling how you have been hurt by the biblical story of God’s most beautiful child, Eve, your sister, your sweet cherubim now a celestial angel still walking with God.
There is much for you to forgive after the centuries of abominable acts against the female all set up by a very inaccurate depiction of female in the Bible.


by Syvert Mytting on 02/22/19

Good morning. I’d like to share a little bit about prayer. At this time prayer is used as a method of asking God to give us stuff. Now they may be good desires but we need to stop treating God as our delivery boy. Prayer is about conversation. Mostly it is learning how to listen with the heart. When we have practiced, still ourselves, developing a desire to feel God’s presence and eventually hear, God will start the conversation. We tend to approach God as demanding children. We are the means by which miracles are delivered. We are the children in charge of the physical creation. “Dress and keep the garden”. This is why God was so happy when Adam and Eve became self realized with the free will to participate in creation as sentient beings able to error. If you want some help developing this conversation let me know.