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Through the Mists
The Author disclaims all personal responsibility for this remarkable narrative, which he maintains he received direct through spirit agency. He merely plays the role of recorder on behalf of his “Angelic Visitors”.
Scarcely any book purporting to be a communication from the Other Side has achieved such lasting popularity. It is a narrative of singular charm and fascination, and grips the reader from start to finish. It is full of knowledge and inspiration and a wonderful comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one.
The sequel to “Through the Mists” is “The Life Elysian”, the latter being more experiences of a Soul in Paradise. The last of the series, “The Gate of Heaven” is the culmination of a never-to-be-forgotten narrative.
This remarkable book was first published in 1898, and reached its twentieth re-printing by 1952. It is the tale of “Aphraar” from his immediate awakening after-death, to his eventual passing through the “Gate of Heaven” some thirty years later. Aphraar, the narrator - in Earth Life known as Frederic Winterleigh - was well studied in the Bible, yet his experience of life after death was very contrary to that which he expected. What makes this series of books particularly fascinating is that when Aphraar asks a question about something that is other than he expected, the answers almost invariably refer directly to the Bible. In this way we soon see what a different interpretation can be put on the Bible, to that believed by orthodox Christians.
The Life Elysian
The Gate of Heaven
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The Author disclaims all personal responsibility for this remarkable narrative, which he maintains he received direct through spirit agency. He merely plays the role of recorder on behalf of his “Angelic Visitors”. This book continues the adventures of Aphraar, as first told in "Through the Mists".

Scarcely any book purporting to be a communication from the Other Side has achieved such lasting popularity. This work, is a narrative of singular charm and fascination, and grips the reader from start to finish by its fine imaginative and descriptive power, and its strong sympathetic appeal. It has well been described as "an occult story of absorbing interest".

First published in 1905, it had been reprinted fifteen times by 1953. As was the case with the first book, "Through the Mists," the spirit narrators make every effort to reconcile that which Aphraar finds, with what the Bible says. There are a great many Bible references, more than sufficient to qualify this work as being Biblically based, yet the explanations of what occurs after death are greatly at variance with that which orthodox preachers hold to be true. Nevertheless, the spirit narrators find such references in the Bible as to illustrate that it is not the Bible that is responsible for the current orthodox beliefs. If you are a genuine seeker after Truth, and particularly if you hold the Bible in great esteem, this is a work that you should not miss.
Published in 1931, this book contains information of a critical nature to Christians. Not only does it explain the importance of the new birth, but it also indicates that this can be achieved post death. It is fortunate that this is the case, because otherwise hardly a single soul would achieve that exalted spiritual state which is a prerequisite to entering the real heavens. It also manages to do all this while quoting extensively from the Bible to support the detailed information Aphraar communicates.

If Christians studied this book with care, the entire orthodox Christian theology would be turned on its head, and returned to that which Jesus taught.

In the period since this initial publication, two other extensive, credible revelations have been published, The Padgett Messages in 1941, and The Urantia Book in 1955. Both support the fundamental premise of this book, that the Kingdom of God and the place (Spirit Spheres or Mansion Worlds) where most of us arrive post death are not the same place. And that all the ceremonies and sacraments of the various orthodox Christian churches will not achieve the new birth for you. Read this book carefully and it will change your outlook, and your spiritual life. 
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The Padgett Messages
Welcome to the reading of the Padgett Messages – the Gospel of God’s Love, revealed anew by Jesus and other Celestials.

After the sudden passing of his wife Helen in 1914, James E. Padgett (1852 – 1923), a prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer, discovered his astonishing mediumistic gift of automatic writing. His heartfelt desire to communicate with his departed wife led him to discover his psychic senses and to receive written messages commencing his outstanding communications with spirits.

It was Jesus and many other Celestial spirits who told him to pray with all the sincere longings of his soul to the Father for the inflowing into his soul of the Divine Love that comes from God in order to obtain this Love in sufficient abundance to change the quality of his mediumistic skills into the necessary spiritual condition and quality, so that it would be possible for the high Celestial spirits to make that close rapport with him, so that high truths could be written through him.

If there is one essence that we can take away with us in our journey of experience of reading The Padgett Messages, it is that the Divine Love and the experience of Divine Love is available for our heart and soul. By being aware and receptive to this Love, we can experience these feelings of Divine Love in our own life.

Any individual who has ever desired to learn about spirits, spirit communication and the realms of spirit must read this book.

Welcome to the awareness of Divine Love – a journey of light, spirit and Love.
Thirty Years Among the Dead
Dr. Carl A. Wickland, (1861-1945) was a member of the Chicago Medical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the chief psychiatrist at the National Psychopathic Institute of Chicago. Wickland specialized in cases of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, addiction, manic-depression, criminal behavior and other phobias. After moving to Los Angeles in 1918, he founded the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles with his wife Anna Wickland, who was a trance medium. Wickland treated many patients suffering from mental illness of all kinds, and after many years experience came to the conclusion that a number of patients he treated had 'attachments;' by that he meant that spiritual entities had attached themselves to unwitting mortals and influenced them (often) in the worst kind of way-leading them to alcoholism, madness, and occasionally murder. Wickland stated at the time; Spirit obsession is a fact - a perversion of a natural law - and is amply demonstrable. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified. Having come to the 'spirit obsession' conclusion, Wickland and his wife set up a rescue circle, with Mrs. Wickland acting as the medium, and they set about communicating with lost souls who had passed away and were unaware of their post physical death condition and often in denial due to dogmatic religious and equally dogmatic atheist beliefs. In the introduction of the book the author writes, The change called death, the word is a misnomer-universally regarded with gloomy fear, occurs so naturally and simply that the greater number, after passing out of the physical are not aware that the transition has been made, and having no knowledge of a spiritual life they are totally unconscious of having passed into another state of being. Deprived of their physical sense organs, they are shut out from the physical light, and lacking, a mental perception of the high purpose of existence, these individuals are spiritually blind and find themselves in a twilight condition-the outer darkness mentioned in the Bible - and linger in the realm known as the Earth sphere. The book documents a number of cases of both anonymous and well-known communicators such as Helena Blavatsky; cofounder of the Theosophy movement, and Mary Baker-Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. A number of subjects are discussed including crime, suicide, materialism, selfishness, and narcotics.
If you could talk with Jesus of Nazareth, what questions might you ask? In this amazing collection of channeled communications, Jesus and other Celestial Angels tackle the big questions - about God, the human soul, the purpose of our earthly existence, mortality and immortality, and more. Then, taking a new look at the Good Book, the writings describe and clarify the actual gospel which Jesus taught while on earth, providing answers to age-old questions and mysteries concerning the Bible. In The Gospel of God's Love, we're invited to consider the earth life, the afterlife, and the teachings of Christianity from a dramatically different perspective - one that reveals a pathway to personal and planetary transformation, fulfillment, and peace.
The Gospel of God's Love - The Padgett Messages