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When I was a little boy I began to question what I was being told about God.  Much of what I was being told made no sense and was not congruent with what i felt a loving parent would be and do.  It made no sense that a parent would create a scenario where a person could die and be punished in torment for eternity.  What parent would create the circumstances of their children's lives and then kill them all for not being obedient.  These questions led me on the journey to begin to feel and know that God loves us, is both male and female, is our parents and designed a universe for us to play in that will never cease to amaze us with our potential to love and create.
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Sy Mytting

Become the Power of Love

by Syvert Mytting on 07/19/19

Since history we have believed in the power of evil. Humanity has believed in force and unloving persuasion as the means to achieve what we want, the things that will meet our addictions. Yet, love runs the universe. Can you see the possible conflict that might create pain, suffering and lack for all. Yes even the very rich suffer from lack driving them to more and more egregious acts. Even the so called loving churches grind out more and more evil in the name of god, festering the most egregious act, pedophilia. Abers try to align themselves with what they believe is good, but it is pure evil, trying to manipulate love into their desires. Everywhere evil is pervasive, blatant, systemic and so destructive to the good of man. How do we exhibit the power of love to show man a better way. Jesus did this. He became the power of love. Instead of following his example he was turned into God, worshipped and praised, all against all of his personal teachings. Live like Jesus did. Love like Jesus did. And become the power of love.

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