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When I was a little boy I began to question what I was being told about God.  Much of what I was being told made no sense and was not congruent with what i felt a loving parent would be and do.  It made no sense that a parent would create a scenario where a person could die and be punished in torment for eternity.  What parent would create the circumstances of their children's lives and then kill them all for not being obedient.  These questions led me on the journey to begin to feel and know that God loves us, is both male and female, is our parents and designed a universe for us to play in that will never cease to amaze us with our potential to love and create.
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Sy Mytting

Sy's Blog

Scientifically Proving the Existence of God

by Syvert Mytting on 02/18/19

How would you prove the existence of atoms?  You would need to have a valid methodology and instruments capable of revealing the presence of the atoms. You would need to have some idea about their character and have faith, based on observation and analysis that they existed.  The same is true of proving the presence of God. First we must see the character of that which we seek. In the consideration of God we might start with the awe inspiring detail of ourselves, our nature and the precise character of the physical universe.  We could observe our own methods of creating as we have done since we breathed.  We could then move from the physical to the emotional or spiritual realms. We can observe the effect of emotion.  We can deduce from observation of emotion the possibility that God might be an emotional being. We create from the emotion of desire why would God not create the same way?  So we will need to find this God through the instrument we are given, our emotions. We will need to experiment, use our will and desire to see if we can perceive the presence of God and have a means to measure God's response to various inquiries. We will need to have faith that our endeavours will give us the answer. When we fail in an experiment we will have to create another experiment. This is the scientific approach. This is how I found God's love the first aspect of Her being. I have eternity and I suspect it will take all that time to explore and discover the attributes of that which is my Father/Mother.

The Loving Treatment of Children

by Syvert Mytting on 02/18/19

Apparently there is a law coming down Bill S-206.  It is a law governing the spanking of children.  A friend asked me to promote the passing of this bill when in fact I am opposed to it.  Here is my response to her.

One should not spank their children. This is barbaric and unnecessary. The problems of today’s liberal youth is not that they were not spanked but that they were not loved. They had no priority in their selfish parents lives. We are given the privilege of caring for Gods children for a time when they are developing physical self sufficiency. They are Gods children and if they were treated that way, if the parents lived in Gods instruction, there would be no need for any form of physical violence. At conception the soul incarnates and is perfect. The soul is then damaged by the parents sin, gestated in the parents sin and then the child is treated unlovingly because of the parents sin. Sin-missing the mark of love. This compounds the sin. Yes the bible says, “spare the rod and spoil the child,” but it also says I can have slaves, sell my sister and beat my wife, values we somehow ignore when it comes to hitting defenceless children because we have not followed God and lost control of our family.  Spanking does not guide the child into any other place than that it is ok to use physical violence under certain circumstances as we falsely believe God has and does. This is the basis of all war. Physical dominance because we as I said falsely believe God is violent against sin.

If one feels they needed to be punished they have already accepted that they are bad. This is their earthly parents sin. Our heavenly parent has no sin and did not spank Adam and Eve. I have communicated with Adam about this. Adam lives in the celestial heavens, one of the places that Marc Brisboise referred to  and Jesus referred to when he said, “In my fathers house there are many mansions”. I had been contemplating fear for a few months. One morning Adam came to me and helped me feel the world that they first knew, a world without fear. It was amazing. Then he led me back to our current level of fear. He said God did not punish them for becoming self aware but their exercise of free will introduced the possibility that they could choose unloving action with painful consequences and they were afraid of that. When God came to help them understand they hid because His presence magnified their fear and shame was born. God did not create us to be obedient in the way animals are obedient. He accepts we will error but the pain of error should be sufficient enough to lead us back to love. When we punish a child with physical violence we pass the fear and shame to the child. Instead of repenting for our sin we pass it to the child and blame is born. We have lost touch with how God guides us because our parents spanked us. Often in anger and violence. God has never been violent towards his children. All references to the contrary are the result not understanding Gods joy at our exercise of his greatest gift, the gift that other non soul based creatures have, the gift of free will.

Your Soul's DNA

by Syvert Mytting on 02/15/19

How did Jesus become a Christ?
It was one of the possibilities of his DNA.  We are as it is said, created in the image and likeness of God, as Jesus was.  There was no immaculate conception because this would preclude the rest of us, God's children, from becoming at one with God, as Jesus did.  What part of us is being spoken about in this statement?  It is our soul.  The soul before conception is like a tiny seed of possibilities.  These tiny seeds are the product of the relationship between the male and female aspects of God.  Not unlike sperm.  The soul is drawn to the fertilized egg as the sperm is drawn to the egg.
Like the seeds you plant in the garden to grow a vegetable or massive fir tree the soul contains the control mechanisms and the energy to manifest all the complexities of a human being including a physical and a spirit body.  The soul is the emotional body, energy in motion, of the being. 
When conception occurs there is a energetic charge released that attracts a soul, actually only half a soul, but that is another subject all together, and the soul begins to control all the development of the new human being created.  Within the soul DNA is the potential and propensities for the individual.  There is nothing pre-ordained, nothing controlled by God, but virtually unlimited potential expressions in infinite time.
We all have the potential to become at one with God and become a Christ.  Christ is a term which describes a condition of love and agreement between the individual and the parents, God.
Jesus said, "These things I do ye can do also and greater works can you do."  This means that within our DNA, the DNA of our soul, that is created in the image of our parents, is the possibility or potential for us all to become a Christ while still on earth.  To love and manifest miracles as Jesus did.
In order to fulfill this possible destination Jesus talked about a process of receiving love directly from God which transmutes the soul activation from growing into only a human soul into become a divine soul.  A soul capable of manifesting through the physical and spiritual body the characteristics of God.  This is the possibility for all God's children.
Next blog will be about how to receive Divine Love through a prayer given to James Padgett by Jesus and recorded in the Padgett messages.