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When I was a little boy I began to question what I was being told about God.  Much of what I was being told made no sense and was not congruent with what i felt a loving parent would be and do.  It made no sense that a parent would create a scenario where a person could die and be punished in torment for eternity.  What parent would create the circumstances of their children's lives and then kill them all for not being obedient.  These questions led me on the journey to begin to feel and know that God loves us, is both male and female, is our parents and designed a universe for us to play in that will never cease to amaze us with our potential to love and create.
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Sy Mytting


by Syvert Mytting on 02/22/19

Good morning. I’d like to share a little bit about prayer. At this time prayer is used as a method of asking God to give us stuff. Now they may be good desires but we need to stop treating God as our delivery boy. Prayer is about conversation. Mostly it is learning how to listen with the heart. When we have practiced, still ourselves, developing a desire to feel God’s presence and eventually hear, God will start the conversation. We tend to approach God as demanding children. We are the means by which miracles are delivered. We are the children in charge of the physical creation. “Dress and keep the garden”. This is why God was so happy when Adam and Eve became self realized with the free will to participate in creation as sentient beings able to error. If you want some help developing this conversation let me know.

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